Will you be my Facebook friend – Part IV

The final post in Tim Chester’s series on Facebook and social networking can be found here.  Again I recommend you read the whole thing for yourself if only for the highly amusing (and highly accurate)  paragraph on Facebook being the creation of nerds for the generation of nerds.

If you don’t get that far consider these words Tim closes with:

Think about what you have written and read on your Facebook wall this week. Think about the tweets you have followed this week. Imagine reading them in six months time. I am guessing, but I suspect that most of what is written will be drivel. Trivia. Empty. “Eating egg on toast. Yum.” “On my way to the station.” “Great party last night.” “Jack just fell over. LOL.” “Love the photos. You’re so gorgeous.” Poke. Listen to the prophet Isaiah:

A voice says, “Cry out.And I said, “What shall I cry?”“All men are like grass,and all their glory is like the flowers of the field.The grass withers and the flowers fall,because the breath of the LORD blows on them.Surely the people are grass.The grass withers and the flowers fall,but the word of our God stands for ever.” (Isaiah 40:6-8)

The Facebook comments wither and the tweets fall,  but the word of our God stands for ever.


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