Being more spiritual than the Spirit

Kevin DeYoung has a helpful post on the problems arising from ‘free-spirit theology’ here.

In the fourth problem he mentions how the Spirit given means of grace – Scripture, sermons, prayer, the sacraments and the organised church, are often rejected or downgraded in free-spirit theology, making ourselves “more spiritual than the Spirit Himself.”


Evangelical Ministry Assembly 2015 – talks

Anyone able to be at the EMA Conference this year was really blessed as we looked together at the subject of  “Identity Crisis: Preaching to a confused world.”

All of the talks were good and can be found here, but if you only have one hour to spare, I would highly recommend listening to John Wyatt, Professor of Ethics and Perinatology at University College London and a specialist in the medical care of new born babies, speaking on challenges in medical ethics at the beginning and end of life.

you might also want to take a look at Professor Wyatt’s book, “Matters of Life and death: Human dilemmas in the light of the Christian faith.”