Luke 24:46-47 & Acts 1:1-11 – We are Romford Evangelical Church – Part I

Slide1Alan Witchalls kicks off our mini-series on thinking through what it means to be Romford Evangelical Church. In Part 1 we’re considering how Jesus Gives us our Gospel mission, as the church in Romford to the people of Romford.

Constant Christmas Carols

Here’s a new online radio station that plays nothing but carols tin the run up to Christmas.

After every few carols they read a section of the nativity account from the Bible and share the good news the songs speak of.

I need little excuse to listen to those classic carols, but the aim is to tell others about Jesus, the Saviour King born 2,000 years ago, so don’t just keep it to yourself – this would be a great place to direct those we’re going to invite to carol services over the next few weeks.

Listen to Christmas Carols





You can also listen to the station through iOS and Android Apps available for free download.

What you win people with …

What you win people with, is what you win people to.

I have no idea who said this originally, but I’ve just come across it on the TGC website and think it’s a great reminder that unless it’s Christ front and centre we’re not really helping anyone.

So make sure it’s all about Christ, … only Christ.

XV the Bible in 15

XV looks like a really exciting new free app from Matthias Media for helping to gain an overview of the whole Bible storyline.  Find out more about it here or search for and download it from the AppStore.

From the Matthias Media main web page:

A tour of the big breathtaking picture of creation, the fall and the history of God’s dealings with Israel, the promise of restoration, the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and what is still to come—the whole story, with all its ups and downs, and with the certainty of God’s promise shining through.