Be confident of the gospel and preach Jesus

Here’s a great post from Jeff Bethke on reaching the next generation.  His bottom line concern with current youth and children’s ministry

The biggest mistake by an adult is to think the younger generation “can’t handle” all of the truth or can’t comprehend it.

Amen to that.  Here’s Jeff’s 10 must do’s

1. Preach Jesus

2. Don’t Take Yourself Seriously.

3. Speak Truthfully, Boldly, and Fervently.

4. Preach Jesus With Your Life.

5. Don’t Shy Away From “Taboo” Sins.

6. Be Transparent.

7. Lead In Repentance.

8. Show God is After Our Joy, Not Our Buzzkill.

9. Don’t Water Down Jesus’ Harsh Sayings.

10. Preach And Articulate Real, Biblical, Transforming Grace.

Not a word about needing to be young, be with it, good at sports, or able to empathise with teenage angst.  Nothing about keeping kids off the streets or out of trouble. Teaching them to be good, upright, respectable citizens wouldn’t even make the top 50.

Simply be confident of the gospel and preach Jesus with your words and life. Once again, amen to that.

Psalm 78:1-7


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