What is the gospel?

How would you answer that question?

This coming Sunday evening we will be asking the question, “What is the gospel?”  Perhaps it’s a question we think is so basic it doesn’t need an answer.  But as we saw a few weeks ago when we asked the question, “What is evangelism?” the most basic questions are the most important questions.

Below are a some definitions from a few well know evangelicals and you can find a lot more here thanks to Trevin Wax  who has complied a whole list.

Finally, this article by Derrick Olliff is a sizeable but excellent read.




One thought on “What is the gospel?

  1. Jesus is Lord! But these were informative, and Dr Carson on importance of bible storyline and context when preaching the Gospel especially in our culture is a real challenge. More on this please…
    FYI I’m pretty sure JP presents Jesus as Lord in GITG but now that you mentioned it I had a brief look and maybe in trying to battle for Jesus as the treasure of the Gospel the book doesn’t stress this affirmative enough. J

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