Songs for Saplings

If you have  young children I would highly recommend the Songs for Saplings CDs by Dana Dirksen.  We have the first three volumes of the Questions with Answers CDs (also downloadable from iTunes) and the children love them.  The tunes are good and the songs progress through the Westminster Shorter Catechism with lots of Bible verses and great truth as  the lyrics.

A few car journeys with these songs playing and children and parents will get to know the Bible better.

For a taster, click on the links below and find  lots more playable samples on their web site.


2 thoughts on “Songs for Saplings

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  2. Listening to these this evening! Vol2:24 is quite rocking! The questions with answers CDs are definitely the best. Thanks for sharing this David. If you like these the fighter verse app has sung verses to help memorise for children (though I use it). Check it out although maybe don’t buy your children an iPhone yet!! Best James

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