Psalm 78: 1-8 – What’s worth passing on?




Selling our kids’ inheritance

The newspapers have been full of comment this week on how there has been nothing to support families in the government mid-term review, something that the Christian Institute highlight here.

However the majority of UK Christians have not woke up to the fact that our secular establishment are actively seeking to ensure they do anything but support the family unit, as it’s a huge threat to their own agenda.

The latest move to decrease or remove child-benefits while at the same time increasing the childcare tax allowances to support working mothers by providing for nursery care, is a prime example of this in action.

The government has no interest in seeing parents raise their own children – they may end up becoming free-thinking enough to oppose the very worldview the secular government is frantically preaching.

  • Children who spend the majority of their time at home are likely to take on the worldview of their parents
  • Children who spend the majority of their time in state funded childcare are likely to take on the worldview of the state.

Far better to reward parents for indoctrinating their children from infancy with the message that the state is their god who provides for their every need, than allow godly parents to nurture young plants that will in time, become the Lord’s oak trees.

Gay Marriage – how should we respond?

So what ought we to do in the face of the likely introduction of gay marriage? Here are some suggestions by FIEC National Director, John Stevens from an article he has written here:

1. We ought to anticipate that gay marriage will be introduced
2. We need to face up to the reality that we are not a “Christian” country
3. We need to take a long-term perspective
4. We need to stand firm on the biblical teaching about homosexuality
5. We need to exercise biblical church discipline against those who support sexual sin and refuse to repent
6. We have no option but to practice civil disobedience
7. We should expect that we will face criticism, investigation and persecution
8. We need to take pre-emptive action to protect our churches against potential threats
9. We need to speak prophetically to our nation about the reality of sin and the coming judgement of God
10. We need to be committed to the work of prayer and evangelism

Raising kids the world will hate

Just what do we want most for our kids?  Good health, material success, a happy family, a fulfilling career?

Or to be world-opposing slaves of King Jesus.

A dose or reality in our hopes for raising children here from Adam Griffin.

If you’re like me and hope for your kids to be fully devoted followers of Christ, then we need to be raising up a generation who is ready to be distinctly different from their peers. In a lot of ways, that’s the opposite of my natural inclination in how to raise my son. Raising kids who are ready to be hated means raising kids who unashamedly love God even in the face of loathing and alienation. Regardless if the insults of the world are naive or legitimate, I pray our children will be ready to stand firm in the midst of a world that hates them.

Parenting is hard for a reason

I like this article by Christina Fox here.  I guess many Christian’s if asked why parenting is hard, would answer, “because my kids have sinful hearts.”

That’s true, but Christiana focuses on the fact that parenting is hard because my heart as a parent is also sinful, and  my Heavenly Father wants to use my relationship with my children to refine and renew my heart, in order that I follow him as his child more fully.


Porn Free Church

Do you think your church is a porn free zone?

A life-with-porn versus a life-without-porn is a poor choice. If you set it up in these terms then you won’t produce lasting change. We need to set it up (as it truly is) as a choice between life-with-porn versus life-with-God. We need to show how God always offers more than porn.

Tim Chester writes here how finding lasting satisfaction in an awesome God through the good news of a crucified, risen Saviour, is the only means of creating deep rooted heart based change that shows pornography up to be what it really is – a cheap, unsatisfying, imitation.  We need to overwhelmed by the fact that Christ is better.

Sadly our churches are often far too respectable for us to face up the the reality of the problem of porn.

The quote above is taken from Tim’s contribution to a book, Porn Free Church: Raising up gospel communities to destroy secret sins, that’s free to download – at least for now, from the CovenantEyes Internet Accountability web site

Why you’re probably not a bigot

So Nick Clegg was almost brave enough to say what he thinks about those of us who hold opposing views to him and thus demonstrate just how tolerant he really is.

The fact is many people think Christians who oppose gay marriage are bigoted, and my guess is that with all the cries for equality and fairness hurled against us, not a few Christians may by now be beginning to doubt their stance and wonder if the Bible really is bigoted.

Isn’t the fair position for marriage to be open to all?

Not if the word marriage refers to a specific relationship.  Just after I’d heard about Clegg’s dishonest two-step shuffle, I read this on Doug Wilson’s blog.

I cannot think of a single genuine right that I have that homosexuals do not have together with me, and for the same reasons.

At this point in the proceedings, someone clears his throat and says, “Umm, marriage? You have a right to marry, and they do not.” But “marry” is not an unspecific verb with no direct object. I have the right to marry a woman, and so do they. A man and a woman together is what marriage is. The fact that they don’t want to marry a woman is their look out. I have a right to own a gun and so does your spinster Quaker aunt. The fact that she doesn’t want to own a gun is perfectly acceptable. But what she is not free to do is redefine everything, and say that gun ownership is very important to her, but that for her, gun ownership means owning a quilting rack.

I’d highly recommend reading the whole blog post here.