Gay Marriage – how should we respond?

So what ought we to do in the face of the likely introduction of gay marriage? Here are some suggestions by FIEC National Director, John Stevens from an article he has written here:

1. We ought to anticipate that gay marriage will be introduced
2. We need to face up to the reality that we are not a “Christian” country
3. We need to take a long-term perspective
4. We need to stand firm on the biblical teaching about homosexuality
5. We need to exercise biblical church discipline against those who support sexual sin and refuse to repent
6. We have no option but to practice civil disobedience
7. We should expect that we will face criticism, investigation and persecution
8. We need to take pre-emptive action to protect our churches against potential threats
9. We need to speak prophetically to our nation about the reality of sin and the coming judgement of God
10. We need to be committed to the work of prayer and evangelism

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