Great High Priest we view Thee stooping

Great High Priest we view Thee stooping
With our names upon Thy breast;
In the garden groaning, drooping,
To the ground, with horrors pressed;
Holy angels stood confounded,
To behold their Maker thus:
And can we remain unmoved,
When we know ’twas all for us?

On the cross Thy body broken,
Cancels every penal tie,
Tempted souls, produce this token,
All demands to satisfy.
All is finished, do not doubt it,
But believe your dying Lord,
Never reason more about it,
Only take him at His Word.

Lord we fain would trust Thee solely,
‘Twas for us Thy blood was spilt;
Bruised Bridegroom, take us wholly,
Take and make us what Thou wilt.
Thou hast borne the bitter sentence
Past on man’s accursed race;
True belief and true repentance,
Are Thy gifts, Thou God of grace.

Joseph Hart, 1712-68


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