10 ways to ruin your child’s imagination

A helpful post for parents from Justin Taylor summarising Anthony Esolen’s book, Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child. It’s available from Amazon as a hardback, but you’d be far better off buying it in the Kindle version.

1. Begin by rearing children almost exclusively indoors

2. Never allow children to organize their own worlds of exploration of that which is interesting or challenging

3. Don’t risk allowing children to explore machines or encounter those who know and use them

4. Replace fairy tales with cliches and fads

5. Denigrate or discard the heroic and patriotic

6. Cut down all heroes to size

7. Reduce all talk of love to narcissism and sex

8. Level all distinctions between man and woman

9. Distract the child with the shallow or unreal

10. Deny the transcendent


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