Children’s Bible resources

We’ve recently picked up a new children’s Bible, The Gospel Story Bible – Discovering Jesus in the Old and New Testament, by Marty Machowski,  which you can find out more about here.  So far I really like what I see and it looks like it will be a useful resource to use with our children.  Released a couple of years ago, Justin Taylor has some good things to day about it (and some other good children’s Bibles) here.

Among the benefits of this particular children’s Bible is that it has an accompanying Daily Devotionals to Draw Your Family To God –  a series of 156, 10 minute family devotionals that can be purchased for an additional amount.

Whilst on the subject of children’s Bibles, I discovered today that The Beginner’s Bible, which we have amongst the Bibles we’ve used with our young kids over the last few years, has an accompanying website with a number of useful resources to download from it.


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