Making the most of Christmas

It’s easy to become sceptical of the build up to Christmas within our secular society.  We know stores carry Christmas stock in September in order to make as much money as possible.  But as Christians we need to be sure we’re planning far enough ahead if we want out own celebrations to be as Christ-centred as they should be.  With that in mind, here are two lists from The Good Book Company to help.

8 ways to make the least of Christmas

1. Be more excited about presents than Jesus.

2. Leave the Carol and Christmas morning services straight away.

3. Leave it too late to invite someone to an event.

4. Make Christmas dinner the most important element in the day.

5. Send a Christian book to someone you didn’t make time to speak to throughout 2012.

6. Keep your family happy at all costs.

7. Don’t risk asking someone who comes to an event what they made of the message.

8. Don’t bother to make sure your church has some free evangelistic resources ready to give away

3 ways to make the most of Christmas

1. It’s Good News…

  • Make Jesus part of Christmas conversations.
  • Read, tell, and remember the Christmas story.
  • Invite others to hear the Good News.

2. It’s for All people… invite, meet, gather …

3. It’s great joy! – Rejoice


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