Legalism or Obedience

In his post here, Fred Zaspel addresses the accusation that Christians who focus  a lot on obedience to God’s Word as it applies to their lives are guilty of legalism – living by law and not by grace.

But legalism has nothing to do with the amount of obedience to God’s law, it’s putting God’s law in the wrong place.  Or as Zaspel says,

To make the point another way, I have never yet met a parent who complained that his child was a legalist because he obeyed too much. In fact, it would be impossible for any parent to imagine how his child could obeytoo much.

Yet, find a Christian who is careful to obey God in everything, and we won’t have to look far to find another Christian to call him a legalist. What do we make of this?

Simply put, we needn’t fear that we may obey our Lord too much. Jesus said that if we love him, we will obey him


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