Objectives of men’s ministries

Earlier this week I pointed to the series of blog posts on gospel centred men’s ministries that the Good Book Company are currently running.

Today they list and explain five steps to take for initiating successful gospel shaped men’s ministries within the church.  Clearly a lot of these are transferable to any ministry.

  1. Church leaders need to own the vision
  2. Appoint a key man as leader
  3. Some structure must exist
  4. Make sure that those involved share the objectives
  5. The whole church must recognise the importance of men’s ministry

They then list the generic objectives that should underly any men’s ministry. None of this is rocket science but its always helpful to have these things in view.

  1. Encouraging and developing the knowledge of God and His Word in ways that foster Christian discipleship.
  2. Encouraging and equipping men to fulfil their roles as men in relationships with others.
  3. Encouraging and equipping men to share their faith and the gospel to bring others to Christ.

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