Going to church with family

You’ll find 10 helpful tips for going to church with your family below and they are explained more over here.

The only thing I’d quibble with is the working out of No. 6 – Stay until the end.  That’s fine but I think we can do better than merely opting to district children with toys and books while the adults talk or serve.  That makes church look as if it is an adult only activity.  Better to involve the little people as well, before, during and after our gathered worship.  And here’s a link to a great resource to help think about how to do that.

1. Go every Sunday

2. Go with joy and expectation

3 Arrive on time

4. Pray as a family before you arrive

5. Treat church as an extended family gathering

6. Stay until the end

7. Speak well of church

8. Receive the word with thankfulness

9. Look for new people and people with needs

10. Thank your minister


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