Are you wiser than a miser?

Someone told me recently of the pastor who stood in front of his congregation and said, “The good news is God has blessed us with enough money to hire a new gospel worker in this church.  The bad news is, that money is still in your pockets!”

Perhaps especially in the current economic climate the issue of giving to gospel work can be a thorny one.  But the principles of giving remain the same, however little or much we have, whatever our circumstances.

Clint Archer has written a timely reminder of 6 principles for giving over here.  On the issue of how regularly we give Clint helpfully says

As frequently as you’re saving, spending, and investing, you should be giving. For some, giving resembles a the once-off ordinance of baptism. Rather, giving should be a regular part of your devotional life.

The principles are

  1. Give to the local church first
  2. Give regularly
  3. Give discreetly
  4. Give generoursly
  5. Give cheerfully
  6. Give sacrificially

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