Books on parenting

Somebody asked me last week for a list of  books / resources we’ve found helpful on parenting from a Biblical viewpoint.  Granted we’ve only had four and a bit years to work through all of the wisdom to be found below, we would recommend the following:

Standing on the Promises: What has God called us to as Christian parents?  Wilson’s book helps in thinking through establishing a faithful Christian culture within our homes that will shape our children as they grow to maturity.

Shepherding a Child’s Heart: With a similar approach and message to his brother’s DVDs (see below), Tedd got there first.  This is a great book in helping you think how to deal with your child’s heart and not just trying to get them to conform to your desired behavioural requirements.

Getting to the heart of Parenting: Paul  Tripp’s DVD is a series of accessible seminars on the need for parents to deal with their child’s heart rather than using their greater power to  temporarily change their child’s behaviour.  Excellent material for parents of tots right through to teens.

Loving the Little Years: A collection of biblical thoughts on mothering young children – for when you are motivated, for when you are discouraged, for times when discipline seems fruitless, and for when you are just plain tired.

Future Men: Is a must whether you’ve got boys or whether you’ve got girls that will one day be looking to marry boys.  How to bring up boys to be biblically masculine, full of believing friendship, courage, faithfulness and integrity.

Parenting in the Pew: Full of thoughts and ideas for not merely keeping your children quiet during gathered worship, but to help them engage in worship as something that is for them from their youngest years.

Babywise: Written by Christians but not explicitly a Christian book.  A really helpful book to support new parents practically establish life-patterns that ensure your bundle of joy doesn’t become the idol of your heart or the ruler of your home.


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