More visual theology

Tim Challies has been busy again producing  more helpful charts, this time to aid us think more clearly about Our Triune God, and The Tabernacle.

The Tabernacle graphic should be useful as a reference when reading Exodus and Leviticus, but it’s the graphic on the Trinity that’s perhaps most helpful.

Many Christians find the Bible’s teaching on God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit hard to grasp and it’s easy to think that as long as we hold God to be three in some way and one in another way, we can’t go far wrong.  That’s a dangerous path that will get us into all sorts of trouble.

The one true God has revealed himself to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit – one God, three persons, and we must relate to our God according to who he is.  Far from being a theological riddle or a teaching for advanced Christian only, the Trinity underpins everything else  God has revealed about himself and his salvation purposes.

The In a clear way this chart shows us some of the false ideas we can have of God and it should help clarify our thinking of the God whom we worship as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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