Who’s getting the first round in?

Here’s a familiar face spouting a lot of wise words and I would recommend you read every one of them.

Dan has some really helpful things to say and I know I for one need to hear them.  The reality is that evangelism and interaction with non-Christians is often one of the first casualties amongst the busyness of full time ministry.  What does that do for the effectiveness of our ministry:

we know how those whom we disciple look up to and copy their leaders. Pastors who only talk a lot about engaging, befriending, and evangelizing non-Christians will be productive in producing Christians who only talk a lot about befriending and evangelizing non-Christians. 

So how to address the problem when you’re already struggling to find time and energy?

Yes, schedule in regular time where you’ll come into contact with non-Christians, but don’t do it on your own.

Discipleship and training can happen in the context of getting involved in the lives of non-Christians.

For example we can minister to a mature Christian (through modelling) and a  non-Christian (through conversational engagement) at the same time in a pub.

Take one pastor who needs to get out more, add a Christian who would thrive on interacting with non-Christians, and sprinkle generously with a hearty dose of apologetic conversation with unbelievers.

So the only remaining question is, who’s getting the first round in?


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