You shall not murder

On Sunday evening we are going to be looking at the 6th commandment ‘You shall not murder.’ – Exodus 20:13. It’s a commandment that directly relates to many of the big issues in our society today including abortion, euthanasia / assisted suicide, as well as war, law and punishment.

These areas are so emotive because many are living in the shadow of past actions – either our own or of people dear to us, and we know the pain that facing these issues brings.

As we’ll be dealing with the commandment in general we won’t be able to say all that ought to be said about each of these issues.

That makes the series of posts that have been written on the Good Book Company blog this week on abortion most helpful and I’d recommend them to you. They have been written by Andrew Nicholls, an ex-doctor who is currently a pastor in Kingston.

Andrew starts with helpful pastoral insight when thinking about this issue. Then there’s a post on why we might think the unborn child is already a precious human life, followed by posts thinking how we might go about caring for those thinking about having an abortion and those who have previously had an abortion.


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