Because He wrote a book

The Resurgence have posted the next in their series of outtakes from “Collision”.  It really is worth taking a bit of time not only to watch the video, but additionally to read Wilson’s accompanying notes which are found after the link, where he highlights the reasons for and the shape of the difference in views.


Love Your Enemies, Huh?

The Resurgence have posted the next in the series of ‘deleted scenes’ from the Collision DVD here, in which Christopher Hitchens and Doug Wilson debate whether Christianity is good for the world.   What’s so helpful here is Wilson’s analysis below the video where he highlights Hitchens’ advocacy of how we are to treat our enemies, whist condemning that very same attitude in God.

Your preachers and your pastor

“Your parishioners listen to other preachers on the radio, watch them on TV and on the Web, and download podcasts to their iPods. Like it or not, you are not the best preacher that your people have listened to this week. Your congregation has compared and contrasted you with the best-known preachers of the day . . . People in the pews want the electronic perfection projected by the religious superstars of our day. And we cannot give it to them. The electronic media have made it easier to compare preachers today than ever before” (Edwards, Deep Preaching,  p. 6).

HT Doug Wilson