Great High Priest we view Thee stooping

Great High Priest we view Thee stooping
With our names upon Thy breast;
In the garden groaning, drooping,
To the ground, with horrors pressed;
Holy angels stood confounded,
To behold their Maker thus:
And can we remain unmoved,
When we know ’twas all for us?

On the cross Thy body broken,
Cancels every penal tie,
Tempted souls, produce this token,
All demands to satisfy.
All is finished, do not doubt it,
But believe your dying Lord,
Never reason more about it,
Only take him at His Word.

Lord we fain would trust Thee solely,
‘Twas for us Thy blood was spilt;
Bruised Bridegroom, take us wholly,
Take and make us what Thou wilt.
Thou hast borne the bitter sentence
Past on man’s accursed race;
True belief and true repentance,
Are Thy gifts, Thou God of grace.

Joseph Hart, 1712-68

St David’s Day

1 March – St David’s Day.

Even google has a Welsh doodle

Those who know me will know I’m not the most patriotic Welshman you could bump into.  I’m sure I’ll cheer the men in red shirts in the 6 Nations rugby for as long as I’ll live, but my sense of Welsh identity is weak and right now I’ve lived as much of my life in England as I have in Wales.

For every 10 things I could list that I admire about Wales, I could list at least another 20 that frustrate and infuriate me.

But I do know Wales is a nation that desperately needs the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Wales needs men who will unflinchingly preach the good news of a crucified, risen and exalted Christ.  Wales needs men and women who are ready to weep over and with their non believing friends, and who are ready to die for their Saviour King.  Wales desperately needs God’s Spirit to own his word and work and awaken a hard, proud, comfortable, deluded nation.

Wales is no different to England, Ireland or Scotland in any of the ways above.

But on St. David’s Day, pray for the work of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Wales.

Good News of Great Joy

With December just days away, here are two helpful ways you could prepare for the most significant birth in history.

John Piper has released a new revised version of his daily readings for advent, Good News of Great Joy which can be downloaded in a multitude of ebook formats for free.  You can even can purchase a paperback version from for a small price, should you require.

Alternatively you can download Doug Wilson’s God Rest Ye Merry: Why Christmas is the Foundation of Everything from amazon for slightly less than it would cost you to watch Netflix for the month.  And you know which one is more likely to help fill your heart with joy at the Word made flesh.