Visible Submission

With thanks to Doug Wilson

“If a husband were to ask his wife to put on her best red dress so that they could go out to a fancy restaurant, she would not say, ‘Honey . . . I submit.’ The place where submission is tested is always at the point of significant disagreement. When we think we have only two options — complete agreement or open defiance — we have left out the greenhouse where true humility grows. That greenhouse is a place of cheerful compliance with a legitimate authority that is believed to be mistaken” (A Primer on Worship and Reformation, p. 18).


Make real love, make real war

Russell Moore has commented on the rise of men making use of Internet pornography and computer games in, Fake Love, Fake War: Why so many men are addicted to internet porn and video games.

Men were made to make love and war, and both pornography and Call of Duty feed that need without the risk involved in reality. The gospel is the story of Christ’s love for his bride and his war against  Satan and is dominions – that’s the reality all men have been called to engage in.

Moore concludes

The answer to both addictions is to fight arousal with arousal. Set forth the gospel vision of a Christ who loves his bride and who fights to save her. And then let’s train our young men to follow Christ by learning to love a real woman, sometimes by fighting his own desires and the spirit beings who would eat him up. Let’s teach our men to make love, and to make war . . . for real.

God, Manhood and Ministry – Q & A

I’ve not worked out how to get this video to appear as part of this post but anyone with 60 minutes to spare would profit from watching / listening to this Q & A from the recent Desiring God Leaders’ Conference.  By clicking on the link above you can watch or listen to the session streamed online or download it to your iPod for listening to while you’re traveling to and from work.

Below is a list of the questions answered by the panel along with when they appear in the session.

00:50 — What is biblical femininity? (Wilson, Patrick)

05:12 — Does Christianity have a feminine feel? (Piper, Loritts, Patrick)

11:25 — How can fathers best care for their daughters? (Wilson, Patrick, Loritts)

15:44 — How do we know to apply strictness or mercy? (Wilson, Piper, Loritts)

24:55 — How do we model Christ in parenting foster children? (Piper, Wilson)

28:40 — Lessons for courage, boldness, and wisdom. (Atallah)

30:56 — How does Christian worship threaten the pattern of this world? (Wilson)

33:43 — How does masculinity relate to our worship music? (Piper, Wilson)

40:45 — What are strategies for building godly men? (Loritts, Patrick)

43:45 — How do we surround ourselves with godly men? (Patrick, Loritts, Wilson, Atallah)

52:53 — Counsel for fathers who want to rebuild relationships. (Wilson, Loritts, Piper, Patrick)


God, Manhood and Ministry

John Piper’s Desiring God’s Pastor’s Conference, ‘God, Manhood and Ministry’ is currently taking place and you can find video of the talks by clicking on the image above.  Some great quotes pulled from Doug Wilson’s address are below with more available here.

“Masculinity is the glad assumption of sacrificial responsibility.”

“Masculine toughness has to lay underneath masculine tenderness. It is a velvet covered brick.”

“If you want to preach the gospel to your wife and to your children, then die.”

“Dads, your authority was given to you as a gift to your children.”

“Fathers are speaking about God the Father constantly. They have no option to shut up.”